SOAR Oregon offers UAS/drone industry knowledge and insight to Oregon media

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December 4, 2015
SOAR Oregon
Oregon’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Industry Advocate

Scott Kinney
Director of Business Development

Bend, Oregon – When the public hears about drones, the headlines often mention military operations or, more recently, unsafe operations by uninformed drone operators.  However, the safe, responsible, commercial use of drones / unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is growing exponentially worldwide; including right here in Oregon.

Oregon continues to evolve as a hub for UAS development activity – including platform, sensor, software, and applications research. Oregon’s Silicon Sky now boasts over 100 UAS industry businesses, as well as more than 40 FAA-approved UAS aerial service providers.   Oregon companies are working to develop uses for UAS in agriculture, forestry, wildlife conservation, public services, and many other fields.  UAS can enhance safety and generate actionable information to help people and businesses save time and money.

Oregon is also home to three FAA-designated UAS test ranges where researchers and companies can safely and legally operate their drones. These test ranges, located at Warm Springs, Pendleton, and Tillamook offer exceptional testing environments and technical services to further assist the UAS industry.

SOAR Oregon is a state-funded, non-profit.  SOAR’s mission is to encourage and support the growth of Oregon’s UAS industry.  Part of that mission is to provide information to the public and media about events in this rapidly evolving sector.

SOAR has a team of experts on staff who are up-to-date on regulatory and technology developments in the UAS industry.  Additionally, SOAR is well-connected with government, public, and private entities working with UAS.  As story leads and opportunities arise, SOAR would like to offer this network and body of knowledge to media members.  SOAR can help provide a deeper understanding of the complex UAS regulatory landscape as well as context for technology-related stories.

SOAR wants to be your resource – please contact Scott Kinney, 503.910.7458,, with questions.

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