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SOAR Oregon is a statewide, not for profit Economic Development organization focused on the development of the UAS industry in Oregon.

SOAR is led by its Executive Director Earl Bowerman, and a board of directors who have diverse experience in Aviation, Entrepreneurship, Advanced Manufacturing, Research and Legislation. SOAR Oregon was created to foster growth in Oregon’s rapidly evolving UAS industry, a new industry that is at the heart of an economic crossroads that connects multiple industry sectors such as aviation, advanced manufacturing, high tech, software development and education.

Since the spring of 2014, SOAR Oregon has directly awarded $327,000 in grants for Oregon-based UAS projects and facilitated an additional $1 M in private industry investment. SOAR Oregon also supports on-going research projects by promoting Oregon’s three FAA designated UAS Test ranges and facilitates public-private partnerships between education and industry. The initial benefits of UAS to end users of UAS technology are already coming into focus.

SOAR Oregon is funded in part with Oregon State Lottery funds administered by the Oregon Business Development Department.